Jun 25, 2024 12:00 PM
Pat Seckar and Ferneva Brimacomb
The Historic Locust School

DRC Sponsor: Alan Lerstrom

Pat Seckar and Ferneva Brimacomb will be sharing information with our club on the historic Locust School.

Built in 1854, the one-room Locust School was established just after completion of the survey for the village of Locust and its settlement had begun. The schoolhouse remained in operation with all elementary grades until 1950, when it was reduced to specific grades. It was closed in 1960. The Winneshiek County Historical Society acquired the building and operates it as a museum. It was one of the first school buildings constructed in Winneshiek County. In 1978 the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pat is a retired Decorah First grade teacher. For several years she accompanied her classes to the Locust School on their field trips. After retiring, she has volunteered at the school, giving tours of the school to children on their field trips in addition to filling all of the other needs at the school.

Ferneva is a board member of the Winneshiek County Historical Society. After Locust School committee chairperson Paul Hexom moved from the area, Ferneva assumed the role. She also volunteers at the Locust School, working with the school children on their field trips and taking care of other school needs.