Aug 04, 2020
Lorraine Borowski and Gary Mineart
Perspectives and Experiences on the Decorah Trails System

DRC Sponsor: Lorraine Borowski

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for the exploration of options to enjoy the resources available in the Decorah locale in a socially responsible way. One of those resources is the extensive Decorah Trails System, a somewhat under-appreciated and unique collaboration between the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Decorah Parks and Recreation Department, and supporting non-profit organizations such as Decorah Human Powered Trails. Decorah Mayor and DRC member Lorraine Borowski will discuss the "Spring Challenge" to the local community made earlier in the year to encourage exploitation of the local trail resources. DRC member Gary Mineart will share insights into his extensive experiences exploring these trails during this period.

The meeting announcment, location and logistical information, and Zoom meeting links will be distributed by email in advance of the meeting.