May 17, 2022 12:00 PM
Tyler Wright
Wrightway Computers

DRC Sponsor: Kim Bonnet

Tyler Wright is the owner and operator of Wrightway Computers in Decorah. He will introduce us to himself and his company, and then share his perspectives on the biggest fundamental technology security issues affecting the public. The most common issue people struggle with is passwords and account management, which is one of the most important and fundamental technology security practices. Tyler believes the more people understand the importance of best practices and how a method/system can make it easier and more secure, the less frustrating the use of technology can be.


**Please complete your meal sign-up prior to the meeting, preferably not later than close of business Monday. Our face-to-face meeting will be hosted at the VFW. The meal sign-up, meeting announcment, and any other logistical information will be distributed in advace to all members by email.