May 07, 2019
Lea Lovelace
Vesterheim Folk Art School -- Looking Back, Looking Forward

DRC Sponsor: Mark Donhowe

New Director of Folk Art Education, Lea Donhowe Lovelace, will give a short history on how the Vesterheim Folk Art School came to be, discuss some of the current 2019 offerings and share some ideas related to future programming initiatives.

Learning opportunities at the Vesterheim Folk Art School reflect the diversity of Scandinavian folk art traditions with classes in fiber arts, woodworking, rosemaling, food, music, jewelry and wirework, metalworking, and knifemaking. The museum’s vast collection of historic and contemporary folk art objects inspire and inform students' creativity as they learn alongside other makers sharing a passion for folk art.

More information is available via the following link: Vesterheim Folk Art School