Oct 26, 2021 12:00 PM
Jenifer K. Ward
Update from the Luther College President

DRC Sponsor: Jim Morrow

Luther College President Dr. Jenifer K. Ward will offer information and unique insights into the ongoing Luther College 2022-22 academic calendar and new developments at the college. Luther College continues to evolve on multiple fronts as dictated by the lingering COVID-19 situation, financial and enrollment challenges and opportunities, expanded student, faculty, and staff programs and involvment, and increased interaction with the local Decorah community.


**Please complete your meal sign-up prior to the meeting, preferably not later than close of business Monday. Our face-to-face meeting will be hosted at the VFW, supplemented by Zoom broadcast. The meal sign-up, meeting announcment, agenda, and any other logistical information including a Zoom meeting link will be distributed to all members by email in advance.