Jul 21, 2020
Mariah Busta
Northeast Iowa Dairy and Ag Foundation

DRC Sponsor: Shannon Duncan

Our meeting will be held at St. Benedict's Catholic Church Fellowship Hall (Basement) and our program will be Mariah Busta from the Northeast Iowa Dairy & Ag Foundation.  Please remember to bring your own drink and Mabes Pizza will be catering.  You should have already received an email survey to indicate your desire for a meal. Please complete this survey by noon on Monday, July 20th.

Dairy Judging is an extracurricular activity offered at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC). Through dairy judging, students learn how to evaluate dairy cows and develop skills in decision-making, teamwork and oral communications. The NICC Dairy Judging Team is comprised of four students that compete at national contests each year. In the students first year, they compete at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Ky. In their second year, students compete at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. This year, students placed in the Top 3 at World Dairy Expo and earned the opportunity to compete in two international contests this summer, one in Scotland and one in Ireland. Unfortunately the team's trip was cancelled due to COVID-19, but were invited to compete in next year's contest. 

The Dairy Science Technology program at NICC is nationally-recognized for its academic rigor and excellence, experiential and hands-on learning approaches, and classroom instruction that teaches both theory and applied concepts. As a student in this two-year Associate of Applied Science degree program, students develop skills in and knowledge of innovations and advanced technologies that impact successful dairy operations.


The club is moving its meeting to St. Benedict's Fellowship Hall to be able to appropriately social distance.  Please remember to wear your face mask.  In addition to social distancing area, this will be a very comfortable air conditioned space which is also handicap accessible if necessary.
We recognize that some of you still may not be able to attend due to concerns from COVID-19.  We respect your decision and want everyone to stay safe. As we move forward we will continue to keep everyone informed of meeting status and locations.