Sep 27, 2022 12:00 PM
Paul Cutting
Strategies for Electrification

DRC Sponsor: Kim Bonnet

Converting our buildings to run on electricity instead of fossil fuels is the most straightforward path to reducing carbon emissions. Paul Cutting from Winneshiek Energy District will present strategies for building electrification, and how these changes can save money and make buildings more liveable and enjoyable. Paul will also present on current happenings at Winneshiek Energy District and share how you can become an active participant in the local energy transition.

Paul has an extensive and unique background in teaching and carpentry. He was formerly a high school industrial tech teacher in Lanesboro, MN where he taught carpentry, cabinetmaking, electricity, engineering design, graphic design, computer aided desigbn, entrepreneurship, and more generally, enjoyed helping youngsters grow into capable and confident young adults. Prior to his teaching experience, he spent several years as a carpenter disassembling and reconstructing 19th century Norwegian-built log buildings for clients. His restoration artistry caught the eye of New York City photographer Angela Cappetta who subsequently published an extensive online interview (<- link) about his work. He also worked several seasons for HistoriCorps, a non-profit that pairs volunteers with hands-on historic preservation projects throughout the mountain west. In addition to his service for the Winneshiek Energy District, he formerly served on the Board of Directors for the Porter House Museum.

In his free time Paul enjoys making furniture, trail running with his dog Bobo, hunting for mushrooms, scheming backpacking trips out west, camping in his homemade teardrop camper, and rehabbing his 170 year old brick house.

For more information on the Winneshiek Energy District vist their website at


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