Jan 15, 2019
Philip Iverson
The Statistics of Gambling

DRC Sponsor: Ward Budweg

Are you interested in your odds of winning compared to those of "the house?" Join us for a fun and enlightening program to hear our own DRC member and professional statistician Phil Iverson speak on (what may be the sobering) statistics of gambling. Find out ways to maximize your payout, or perhaps minimize your losses.

Phil is a Luther College graduate and received his MS and PhD degrees from Iowa State University. Since 2003 he has teleworked from Decorah for the research division at Eli Lilly and Company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. He has also worked as an adjunct faculty member for Luther College teaching Applied Statistics emphasizing his experience in statistical experimental design, data visualization, Bayesian methods, statistical computing, and statistical applications in biology, chemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences. In the fall of 2019 he will be transitioning to a full-time, tenure track faculty position in the Math Department at Luther. Phil's spouse Sarah is the proprietor of Blue Heron Knittery located in downtown Decorah.