Feb 18, 2020
Terry Buenzow
Winneshiek County Recycling

DRC Sponsor: Don Arendt

Terry Buenzow, Winneshiek County Recycling Department Manager, will provide our Cliub with information and updates on the Winneshiek County recycling program. For nearly two decades, Buenzow has been watching the recycled materials market to analyze trends in the recycling world and how to most effectively and efficiently put recycled items back into use. Since the Winneshiek County Recycling Center became a public facility on April 1, 2009, local and regional interest in the center has increased every year. The Recycling Center processes nearly 6 million pounds of materials per year and has capacity for handling more. The largest expense aside from payroll is the hauling cost for the bins at aroud $75K per year. Revenue not used to offset the expense of recycling is returned to the Winneshiek County General Fund for property tax relief.

For more information visit their website at Winneshiek County Recycling.