Feb 19, 2019
Kristin Eggen
Winneshiek Idea House 2019

DRC Sponsor: Lorraine Borowski

The Winneshiek Idea House is a project coordinated by volunteers in collaboration with Winneshiek County Development, Inc. (WDCI) and supported by the Iowa Small Business Development Center. Kristin Eggen will be on hand to provide information to our members about the second annual event, Winneshiek Idea House 2019, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 23 at the Decorah Elks Lodge.

Winneshiek Idea House is a space for local entrepreneurs to share their needs with a supportive community, with crowdfunding happening at the event in real time. The participants "invest" the resilience and sustainability of our local economy and community and show support for local entrepreneurs by valuing sustainable business ideas upon which communities thrive. The inaugural 2018 Winneshiek Idea House identified over $7,000 in direct and in-kind support for local entrepreneurs.

For more information on Winneshiek Idea House 2019 and to learn how to register for this unique event, please see the associated WCDI website using the following link: Winneshiek Idea House 2019