Wilson Dalto of the Rotary Club de Tangará da Serra “Cidade Alta” in Brazil
The following is a message received from Wilson Dalto, the Rotarian contact in Brazil for their Adult Literacy Project that the Decorah Rotary Club has helped support for the last three years:
Dear fellows of Rotary Club of Decorah
Dear friends and fellows Ward and Kelly
We are immensely grateful for the partnership and trust of the members of this great club  to our Adult Literacy Project. We sent to you some photos of the closing party of the third and the last year of partnershipship between the Rotary Club of Decorah and the Rotary Club of Tangará da Serra “Cidade Alta.”
We want you to know that since the beginning of this Project, the Rotary Club of Tangará da Serra “Cidade Alta” has taught more than 4,100 adults. In addition to literacy itself, the Rotary Club of Tangará da Serra Cidade Alta, a partner of the Rotary Club of Decorah, donated ophthalmic consultations and eyeglasses to the people involved in the project with visual difficulties.
Each year, at the end of each stage of the project, we held a festive meeting to deliver literacy certificates to students who finished the course and who actually learned to read and write. It is a very beautiful and exciting party, attended by a governor or a representative of the governor of the Rotary District and other authorities. At this great party the Rotary Club offers a dinner for all literate adults, delivering the certificates, and listening to the exhilarating testimonials of many students who have been enlightened.
The R.C.T.S "Cidade Alta” provides on this occasion satisfaction of the results of this important partnership between our clubs. We take the opportunity to invite this valiant club to renew our partnership, in the certainty that the resources coming from this partnership are applied with great seriousness and efficiency. Be sure that you, fellow Rotarians, through your club, have participated in one of Rotary International's most important social projects.
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tangará da Serra "Cidade Alta," thank you and thank you very much. Have a very prosperous New Year.  A big hug in you all.
Rotary Club de Tangará da Serra “Cidade Alta”
Fellow Wilson Dalto
Additional photos may be found in this photo album: Rotary Club of Tangará da Serra "Cidade Alta Award Ceremony


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