Nov 28, 2023 12:00 PM
Stephanie Travers
Updated Research on Aging at Luther College

DRC Sponsor: Don Holmertz

Stephanie Travers, Associate Professor of Psychology at Luther College, will be presenting a talk on new research on cognitive aging. She will discuss what constitutes normal changes in memory and how to maintain mental sharpness as we get older.

Professor Travers has been with the Psychology Department at Luther College since 2006, focusing on memory, executive control processes, and aging and cognitive processes. Her course topics include General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Processes, and Psychology of Aging. During January Term, she leads a course on the study of adult development and aging. The course includes the physical, cognitive, and social changes that effect individuals aged 60 to 95, and examines some current findings in aging research. Professor Travers holds an AA from Bristol Community College, Fall River; a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; and MA and PhD degrees from the State University of New York, Stony Brook.


**Please complete your meal sign-up prior to the meeting, preferably not later than close of business Monday. Our face-to-face meeting will be hosted at the VFW. The meal sign-up, meeting announcment, and any other logistical information will be distributed in advace to all members by email.