Feb 04, 2020
Pete Espinosa
Pulpit Rock Brewery Expansion

DRC Sponsor: Dacia Monson

Pulpit Rock Brewing Company Co-Founder and Chairman Pete Espinosa will be on hand to give our members some unique insights into the ongoing expansion and new developments at this popular local business.

Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. launched its own craft beers in the fall of 2015. Their brewing headquarters and a tasting room, in a retrofitted garage on 5th Avenue near College Drive, are open all week. On any given day visitors will find a multitude of brews on tap, from a signature pale ale to a coffee-infused pour-over porter. Rather than scale the business by selling greater volume across wider distribution, the company sends limited product to a select few tap rooms across Iowa. The goal is to bring patrons to the source, providing them not only with great beer but a connection to the good-natured, hard-working, slightly Norwegian-nutty community that made it.

For more about the company please vist their website at Pulpit Rock Brewing Company.


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