Jun 11, 2019
Kristin Eggen and Katherine Hannigan
Developing Energy Efficiency: Green Iowa AmeriCorps

DRC Sponsor: Alan Lerstrom

The Green Iowa AmeriCorps has been helping homes in northeast Iowa become more energy efficient since 2010. They serve over 120 homes each year, seeking to serve populations with the greatest need: low-moderate income homes, the elderly, veterans, and disabled. Kristin Eggen and Katherine Hannigan, presently serving the Winneshiek Energy District, will share examples with our Club from the past several months of the impact that they are having in Winneshiek County and greater northeast Iowa.

Kristin obtained a Bachelor of arts and cultivated a passion for sustainability at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  Kristin came to the Energy District as a Green Iowa AmeriCorps member in 2015 and has since worked with the organization as an event planner, supervisor for the Green Iowa AmeriCorps team, and communications specialist. Katherine grew up in western New York, but has lived in northeast Iowa for 18 years. She  has degrees in Mathematics and Education, and Painting, and an M.F.A. in Studio Art. She’s taught at Iowa State University, worked as an administrator for Head Start, written and illustrated some books, and now hopes to spend the rest of her life doing work that supports sustainability and connectedness. She presently servces as the Audit Coordinator for Green Iowa AmeriCorps.

You may access more information on the Winneshiek Energy District using this link: Winneshiek Energy District


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