Mar 28, 2023 12:00 PM
Julia Schleicher and Abby McCarthy
Building Ethical Futures through Architecture, Design, and Narrative in Norway

DRC Sponsor: Kim Bonnet

Speakers Julia Schleicher and Abby McCarthy were participants in the 2023 Luther College January Term (J-Term) Paideia 450 course Building Ethical Futures through Architecture, Design, and Narrative in Norway. They will recap their exciting experiences traveling abroad during this J-Term trip to Norway.

The course explores transdisciplinary approaches to imagining, constructing, and communicating about structures and infrastructures in Norway. The participantsl work through ethical values and arguments that shape plans for built dwellings, transportation systems, and public venues and works. Relatedly, they critique how these objects and the stories attached to them concretely realize those ethical foundations. Student work includes active contributions to site visits and events with local experts and a mix of informal journals, a research-informed formal essay, and a creative group collaboration.

The J-Term Program at Luther College is a unique 3.5-week term that provides a break from the fast-paced regular semesters so students can spend time on one topic or experience. Students are able to take classes, study abroad, get internship credit, and perform research in a way that provides the student greater freedom and responsibility for their learning.


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