May 21, 2019
Laree Ann Shouweiler
The Driftless Yoga Festival

DRC Sponsor: Don Holmertz

Laree Shouweiler, Founder and CEO of Reefuel, LLC in Decorah, will be on hand to share information about Reefuel and the upcoming Driftless Yoga Festival.

The first annual Driftless Yoga Festival invites everyone to solstice in Iowa's iconic Driftless area! Get restored an reinvigorated with three days of movement and flow among Northeast Iowa's unique limestone hills. You may stretch into an elevated yoga experience at Luna Valley Farm, explore the region's incredible mountain bike trails, head out on an inspiring hike, or paddle the Upper Iowa River on your own adventure. Experience optional morning meditation outdoors, explore ayrveda and pranayama, taste local flavors, sample incredible local brews, and set yourself up for a summer you won't forget.

For more information you can visit the Reefuel website using the following link: Reefuel -- Yoga - Cycling - Beyond