Feb 25, 2020
Sean Snyder
Winneshiek Dispatch Center Updates

DRC Sponsor: Lorraine Borowski

Sean Snyder, Winneshiek County Emergency Management Coordinator, will offer our members with information on the newly organized Winneshiek County Dispatch Services, a partnership between the Decorah Police Department, the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office, and Winneshiek County Emergency Management.

On January 1, 2020 an intergovernmental 28E agreement started for the management of the Dispatch Services Center under the cognizance of Snyder, Winneshiek County Sheriff Dan Marx, and Decorah Police Chief Dave Smutzler. These individuals are responsible for daily operations and personnel management decisions for the period from January 1st through July 1st, a self-proclaimed "trial run" to be used for refining processes and procedures. This shared management receives direction from the Winneshiek County Emergency Management Commission, which is comprised of all the mayors in the county, Winneshiek County Supervisor Mark Kuhn, and Sheriff Marx. The plan is for the Dispatch Services Center to be officially acquired by the Winneshiek County Emergency Management Commission on July 1st to match the start of the new fiscal year.