Mar 19, 2019
Joel Zook
Financial Advantages of Near-Term Solar Energy System Installations

DRC Sponsor: Kim Bonnet

Joel Zook, a member of the Winneshiek Energy District, will join us to discuss some of the financial aspects of renewable energy. The current Calendar Year 2019 is the last year for homeowners to take advantage of the full 30% Federal tax credit for solar energy systems, which means anyone thinking about installing a solar system should be considering a near-term installation. Also, it appears the investor-owned utilities are seeking to eliminate net-metering policies meaning there is an opportunity for customers who install new systems can be grandfathered into existing rates.

The mission of the Winneshiek Energy District is to lead, implement, and accelerate a locally-owned, inclusive, clean energy transition in Winneshiek County. Their strategies include energy planning, market transformation, public engagement, policy advocacy, and readiness. They seek to demonstrate the viability of the energy district model and the growth of an energy district network throughout Iowa and beyond.

For more information feel free to visit their website: Winneshiek Energy District