May 01, 2018
Cheri Lane and Bethany Volz
Haiti Rural Development Group -- A Progress Report

DRC Sponsor: Don Holmertz

Cheri Lane and Bethany Volz, both residents of Decorah, will be updating our club about the recent work of the Haiti Rural Development Group, a local non-profit organization formed for community development in rural Haiti. This group has been partnering with community developers/pastors in six remote Haitian villages. They are making great progress in clean water, education, and faith-based projects, as well helping their respective communities access electricity, passable roadways, and other basic needs that are often lacking in rural Haiti. Bethany just returned from a trip to Haiti where she had the thrill of being a part of the startup of one of the water projects.

Cheri has supported community development in Haiti since 2010. She has maintained a fascinating historical account of her experiences, intertwined with other personal, inspirational reflections, on her blog. You can find it at the following link:


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