(L-R) Decorah Rotarians Tina Hall and Brecka Putnam enjoying their shift in the Rotary pork chop booth during Nordic Fest 2023
For the second consecutive year the Decorah Rotary Club (DRC) hosted its Pork Chop Fundraiser at both the 2023 Winneshiek County Fair on July 11-15 and again during Decorah's 2023 Nordic Fest on July 27-29 July. Despite ordering even more pork chops this year by the end of the final day of Nordic Fest every single chop had been sold to a happy customer. The two combined events met and exceeded expectations based on the 2022 effort for quantities served, funds raised, good fellowship shared, and satisfied customers. The club extends its heartfelt thanks to the DRC leadership who planned, coordinated, organized, and purchased, along with the multitude of Rotary volunteers manning the booths and the generous support of partner organization volunteers assisting with the grilling, providing cooler space, etc. The list of names is far too long to enumerate but our club thanks each and every one!
For a variety of candid photos of our volunteers in action, check out the companion photo album: Rotary Pork Chop Booth 2023 - County Fair and Nordic Fest.
Photo credits: various