The Decorah Rotary Club met for its traditional "Fifth Tuesday" evening meeting, supper, and service project at T-Bock's Upstairs on November 29, 2016. The service project for this meeting, expertly organized by DRC member Shannon Duncan, was called "Operation Give Back." The members in attendance assembled care packages containing a variety of comfort foods and items supplied by the members or acquired through dedicated member donations for shipment to enlisted military personnel from the local area who are currently stationed overseas. John Budweg, son of DRC member Ward Budweg and and former active duty U.S. Marine and veteran of two deployments to Iraq comprising over 14 months of duty, delivered a moving personal testimony of the deep gratitude and sense of connection experienced when care packages such as these are received by our deployed soldiers and sailors. We extend our sincere thanks to John and to all of the DRC members who contributed to this project.
See additional photos of this event using this link: DRC Fifth Tuesday Service Project - "Operation Give Back"
Photo Credits: Kelly Reagan, Shannon Duncan